New products November 9, 2013 00:00

This month, I've added a "repair parts pack" that includes the spare parts I'd want in my spinning bag: the urethane o-ring, the little scotch tension spring, a length of the monofilament tension line, and the scotch tension knob. For older wheels, made before I started using violin-makers' tools to taper the scotch tension knob and the corresponding hole in the wheel's frame, you might need to fine-tune the replacement tension knob's fit with some fine sandpaper, or by wrapping a small lock of wool around the taper (the antique wheel solution).

Also new, a "fat core" lace bobbin for spinning laceweight singles. I know a number of spinners already spin lovely superfine singles on their Pocket Wheels, but the fatter core of these bobbins should make this easier. The idea is that as a bobbin fills, the tension can be adjusted to a lighter take-up and so create a finer single, which is why you sometimes see a length of foam pipe insulation taped onto a bobbin core to "fatten" it up for laceweight spinning. These bobbins do the same thing, but (I think) look a little nicer. I can only get the larger tubing in white, so I've only turned these lace bobbins in maple, but I can do other woods on request.